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Ferah Catering & Events

Dallas-Fort Worth Caterer

Expert Catering & Bar Services by Gourmet Chefs

Ferah Catering & Events is brought to you by the gourmet chefs of Ferah Tex-Med.

Founded by Chef Burak Ozcan and Jeremy Berlin in 2019, Ferah Catering & Events delivers experience you can trust and cuisine your guests won’t forget. Specializing in international cuisine, Ferah offers our signature Tex-Med dishes along with American, Italian, Tex-Mex, South Asian, Southern, and Halal menus, to name a few.

Chef Burak and his team of chefs have been catering intimate and large-scale events for nearly two decades. Establishing their careers in upscale resorts and luxury hotels, our team understands the logistics of executing weddings and will work closely with your planning team to take away the stress of food and bar service.

Whether you are hosting a baby shower for 25 guests or a corporate event for 1,500; our team will help you customize a menu to remember! Ferah provides event and wedding catering, bar services across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.

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